Organizational benefits
through successful projects

Today, many organizations are focused on meeting a project scope, time and cost, regardless of how all projects integrate with the strategic objectives of the organization through its portfolio and programs, which is an essential condition to achieve organizational benefits.

It is key that organizations understand the scope of Project Management application, differentiate the concept of benefit from that of a successful project, and above all, understand that organizational benefits are achieved through the application of an effective governance strategy.

Successful projects are those that achieve their objectives, while benefits imply the fulfillment of the organization's strategic objectives through the success of each project. For that reason, both objectives must be aligned.

An efficient governance strategy is that which relates the defined strategic initiatives to each project, and groups them in programs according to selected criteria. It defines and applies the governance model that best suits the organizational context, and enables the integration and management of all projects, together and individually. In addition, it is focused on managing under a unique culture that integrates the organization’s vision, mission and values with its policies and methodological standards, in accordance with the paradigms currently in effect for Project Management.

Organizational benefits are achieved through project integration and success.

Organizational benefits are achieved through meeting the projects’ objectives grouped in programs and the portfolio as a strategic vision.

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