Project Management
meaning and value

Project Management enables to achieve organizational benefits through
the cohesion between managing projects and the methodology involved,
with a focus on delivery and the value of the practice.


Project Management is a practice that enables managing organizational projects in an agile, integrated and consolidated manner, to successfully reach the goals defined for each project. Project Management unites different elements, including methodology, management and best practices, by applying a governance model based on strategy with a focus on delivery and the value of applying Project Management.

Through the application of Project Management, organizations achieve the benefits defined in their strategy, reaching a higher performance level and greater maturity, therefore maximizing efficiency and obtaining an early return on investments.


The value of Project Management pivots around enabling organizations to achieve benefits through the fulfillment of each project’s objectives, applying a governance model to manage projects with the appropriate standards in an integrated manner, develop leadership skills, and maximize professional quality and motivation within the organization, with responsibility, respect, fairness and honesty.

The value of the practice is entirely aligned to and integrated with business value, which scope is defined by the organization and transmitted through the portfolio, program and project management.

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Significado y Valor
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