Briola & Co Consulting | Project Management and IT Consulting (EN) June 12, 2024
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We provide professional services that enable our customers to align operational performance with strategic goals.

"Knowledge, research and expertise are the cornerstones of our services".

Our solutions

 A comprehensive and flexible offering designed to optimize the organization’s management and economy.

Project Management

Organizes and manages projects in a strategic and scalable manner.

Information Technology

Boosts the IT area to make it dynamic and competitive.

Cross Services

Completes management with services designed to improve operations.

A governance model designed to enhance the organization

Encompassed in the concept of agility-based maturity, our governance model maximizes the scope of benefits, enhances the speed of delivery, reduces risks and increases business value.

  • Adjusts to the organization’s needs and environment.
  • Promotes strong customer relationships.
  • Creates an innovative mindset.
  • Combines different frameworks in a scalable manner.
  • Enables and supports the introduction of new technologies.
  • Is flexible to change.
  • Achieves a consistent balance between management and operation.
  • Optimizes the economy.

More than 25 years of experience.

Expertise in multiple industries.





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