Agility-based maturity Project Management

Organizations require a fast and continuous product delivery capable of quickly adapting to changes, and always having business priorities as their premise. For such purpose, it is key to apply the practice of Project Management with agility-based maturity.

Maturity is the moment in which the organization has achieved vital fullness in Project Management according to a standardized and proven governance model, to reach each project’s objectives as well as the benefits for the organization. It also implies there is a continuous improvement process in place that prevents a regression from this state of fullness.

Agility is the balance between business dynamics and an effective strategy. It is related to a project’s responsiveness vis-à-vis the client needs and ROI. Agility is the basis for the effective application of Project Management.

The concept of agility-based maturity requires the adoption of the appropriate strategies under an efficient governance model: it must be fast and responsive to changes, foster strong ties with the client and increase the ability to create value.

For organizations to achieve agility-based maturity, and to become more effective and sustainable, they must instill the value provided by the practice of Project Management, be flexible, and show the ability to adapt to the dynamics of their culture, structure and policies that can influence the direction and outcome of any project.

The application of Project Management with agility-based maturity provides organizations a tool to obtain progressive improvements, while maximizing benefits, the business value and the recognition of the practice, thus becoming more dynamic and competitive.